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Lalo's Lawn Maintenance

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Keep your lawn looking perfect with weekly, bi-weekly maintenance and care.

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We offer the best lawn service and mowing in Dallas and sorounding.


Lalo Lawn Maintenance provides
leaf blowing a removal to houses in Dallas, TX and surrondings areas.

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We know how important it is to you that your property looks clean and well manicured.

So if you need trimming service, I can make your outdoor space look beautiful.

Full service residential mowing.
I will keep your property  clean and inviting.
I provide mowing service to the following cities:
Dallas, Desoto, Lancaster, Irving, Arlington and more...


Lalo's Lawn Maintenance

My name is Lalo Martinez. I started mowing the lawn in 2017 with a friend as a helper and then I decided to start my own company, I am still a small company but thanks to you my clients I am growing.
In this year 2023 I serve in Dallas, Desoto, Duncanville and Lancaster.

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